Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you deliver to?
We deliver throughout the Klang Valley.

Do you deliver directly to customers?
Yes! We do door-to-door delivery to customers in the Klang Valley. Delivery is free for subscribers; one-off deliveries are charged RM5. You will soon be able to get our produce in some grocers in your neighbourhood. Follow our Facebook and Instagram for details!

How long does it take for the vegetables to arrive after making payment?
Deliveries are from Monday to Saturday, 11am-7pm. You will receive your produce within the same week of billing, based on next available delivery date to your area. You will always receive maximum within 6 hours of harvest.

How do subscription billings work?
You will receive your first order the next available day after payment. Subsequent orders will be billed 3 days prior to delivery. For example, if you make a weekly subscription on Wednesday 1 January and choose Friday as your delivery day, then you will get your first delivery on Friday 3 January. The next delivery will be Friday 10 January, billed Tuesday 7 January.

Do you have a cutoff time for next-day deliveries?
Our daily cutoff time is 3pm. For example, if you order on a Thursday at 3.01pm and select a delivery day of Friday, your delivery will be scheduled for Friday the following week.

When do you harvest?
Every day. Your order will be placed in our system and slotted to the next available harvest date.

Do you offer contactless delivery?
Please leave a delivery note upon checkout should you prefer contactless delivery, or notify our delivery person when they call you. However, we don’t advise leaving your produce at your gate for too long in this weather!

How do I store the produce received?
Keep all produce immediately in the chiller section of your refrigerator. As well, keep fruits in a separate chiller or another sealed box as some fruits emit a pesky gas called ethylene that causes vegetables to rot quickly.

What happens if my selected produce/bundles are out of stock after placing an order?
If any of your selections are unavailable, we’ll call as soon as possible to update you on the remaining availability of produce you can pick from. If that doesn’t satisfy you, we’ll gladly refund you for the cost of any unfulfilled produce.

What is your returns/refund policy?
Drop us a Whatsapp with a picture of what you are not satisfied with. We have a no-quibbles returns policy (but can’t refund transport cost). Whatsapp No: 6011-39590359 or email us at

How do you grow your produce?
Our vegetables are grown year-round in high-tech indoor spaces. Greens are nurtured in containers placed beneath a patent-pending growlight while its root system are dipped into a mineral nutrient solution.

Farming takes place in a clean room setup. From seed transplant to harvesting and packing, everything is done in a clean room.

Where are your farms located?
You can find us in the Klang Valley and Langkawi. We will be expanding to other states soon.

Can I visit your farm?
We’d love to have you over. For safety reasons however, we have to be very strict about who we allow in. If you are educator or teacher who wants to talk about controlled environment agriculture (CEA), please email us at to arrange for a virtual learning tour with an Agronomist.

Are you certified organic?
Vegetables have to be grown in soil to be certified organic. Our system falls in the hydroponic category, and there’s still a debate whether hydroponic greens are ‘organic’. All the same, hydroponically grown vegetables are just as nutritious as those grown in soil. Plants make their own vitamins, which means that vitamin levels are somewhat similar whether a vegetable is grown hydroponically or in soil.

What is Controlled Environment Agriculture?
Precision farming or Controlled-Environment Agriculture (CEA) is a tech-based approach towards food production. The goal is to create and maintain optimal growing conditions throughout the vegetable’s life cycle. Every day, we gather reams of data to help us improve growing conditions and produce healthier, taste, longer-lasting greens.

How are your plants nutritious if they’re not grown in soil?
Plants get their nutritional needs via nutrients and water from the soil, cardon dioxide and sunlight from the atmosphere. In CEA, the plant’s root system absorbs nutrients from a mineral nutrient solution- water-soluble versions similar to nutrients naturally occurring in soil. As well, carbon dioxide and light spectrum are produced and evenly distributed to stimulate growth.

Precision farming means we are able to give our crops exactly what they need and nothing more.

Do we need packaging for our vegetables?
The right packaging allows us to reduce waste while protecting the integrity of our greens once they leave our farm. For what it’s worth, packaging plays a critical role in ensuring the safety and quality of our produce.

Environmental care is very important to us. All of us have a part to play. We will send your produce in plastic wraps but we ask you to-reuse the packages. Store odd bits of vegetables, use it as a bin liner, a make-up pouch, anything you can think of. If you’d like to collect your used packaging for re-use, send us a message and we will take it off you during your next delivery.

What is BoomGrow’s approach to food safety?
We are committed to maintaining the highest level of food safety standards. All our farms have clean room safety protocols and comply with prevailing regulations. Additionally, BoomGrow is working with regulators and partners to promote food safety and sustainability within the controlled environment agriculture industry.

Are you expanding to new markets?
Yes! We will announce our next locations in the coming months.

Can I open up a BoomGrow farm?
Right now, we are focused on scaling our operations instead of licensing our technology. But who knows, things may change.

I’m from the media, how can I learn more about BoomGrow?
To learn more about our farms, please email

I’d love to work at BoomGrow. How can I apply?
Thanks for your interest. Do visit our careers page to apply for available positions. If you don’t see a position that fits your experience, you are still welcome to send us your resume and we will reach out if a position matching your skills and experience opens up.