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Rooted in Impact

There is no secret to enhanced nutrition and intense flavours. The unique way we grow indoors allows us to create the perfect conditions for healthy plants to thrive.

We started BoomGrow by asking, ‘How can people eat better?’ A big question which led to more questions. Such as, How can we grow food sustainably? How can we produce healthier, tastier crops using less land and less water? Can we grow greens not normally found in our region?

We spent many years creating and finetuning our technology to find a way to grow greens with just the right balance of flavour, freshness and nutrition.

The result is ‘precision farming’, a data driven environment with the lofty goal of delivering consistent yield and quality 365 days a year.

Our team of R&D specialists, agronomists, IoT designers, tech engineers and more work together to help create a kinder, more sustainable approach to growing food. Together, we can make this world a better, healthier place for all generations.

We want to change the way people live, giving them access to nutritious safe, affordable, delicious and sustainably produced food.

Everyone. Everyday.

Our Founders

BoomGrow is a story of generous friendships. Our diverse backgrounds and strengths are fueled by our shared passion and belief that food can be safer, tastier and more nutritious. Jay has a PhD in sustainability and spent years advising companies on sustainability strategies. Murali’s stellar management consulting and finance background is handy for endless excel sheets and number crunching. And Shan is our architect extraordinaire who designs our plant systems. We continue to re-imagine food, production and consumption as our communities inspire us to a better version of ourselves everyday. We are excited for what lies ahead.

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