A Cloud Connected Farm

The Machine Farm

The Machine Farm is one of the most efficient farming production systems. It is stackable, mobile, customised and utilises optimum conditions for growing produce, with the ability to withstand external climates .



Modular plant racking system enables a variety of cultivars to be planted, with the flexibility to scale up based on demand from the local communities we serve. When stacked 5 levels on a 360 square foot plot of land, our farms produce a yield of up to 1 acres of a traditional outdoor farm.


Controlled and customised LED grow lights ensure optimal and balanced growing conditions for the plants.


Live data feeds and analytics driven growing system guide crop cycles for optimal harvest. Our crop cycles are much faster and more frequent than traditional agriculture. The more we grow, the more data we collect, allowing us to optimise and automate key parts of the system.


Our proprietary planting system utilises 95% less water than traditional outdoor farming, which reduces wastage and enhances efficiency. We also do not have any runoff of harmful chemicals into water-streams or nearby areas.


Our customised indoor farm is unaffected by weather conditions and farming is undertaken 365 days a year. Controlled environment also enables shorter plant cycles and lower yield loss.


Green produce starts with green decisions. Our indoor farming facilities are climate controlled for a year-round growing season. Clean room protocol eliminates contamination. This means we can provide clean and quality food to our communities. Any time, anywhere.

Rethinking Food

It’s time to rethink food. What we eat not only affects our own health, but also the environment. Food is at the heart of many environmental issues – soils continue to be stripped of vital nutrients from years of over farming with the added stress of harmful chemicals as well as hefty food miles that continue to clocked up due to vast supply chains. Food today is a significant contributor to climate change and said to be responsible for almost 60% of global biodiversity loss.

Addressing food challenges demands that all of us become more thoughtful about the food we put on our plates. By 2050, the world’s population will reach 9 billion and the demand for food will increase significantly. So how do we produce more food for more people without expanding on resources?

Experience safe healthy and delicious produce

There is more than ever a need to ensure that we have access to the most healthy, consistent and traceable food source. If we are to build a future where people and nature thrive, we need to reconsider the food we eat and how it's produced.

Tech based indoor agriculture is the most exciting innovation in the frontier of food production. Controlling inputs of light, water, energy and nutrition enables optimisation of quality and far greater consistency of supply. Our produce comes from a growing process that not only has a positive impact on our health, but the health of the world around us.

Advancements in machine learning and data analysis further allow us to monitor produce health and progress and get better at it. So everyday, we are working hard to deliver produce you will feel good to eat. Our promise is zero pesticides, no harmful chemicals, no nasties, just clean greens and pure nutrition.

Our urban farms are a short distance from where you live and shop. Directly delivered to your door, we truly are hyper-local.