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Healthy Start

Choose your bundle size, choose your leafy greens selection. Truly custom farm to table. Microgreen and herbs are ready in the bag.


Pick of the Farm

Standard bundle size, let the farm select for you what’s the freshest and choicest. Microgreens and herbs are ready in the bag.


What Our Customers Say


Will I be locked into a contract?

Nope, you are free to cancel your plan at any time. While we’d be sorry to see you go, this is a very simple process. Simply head over to your accounts page to manage your subscription. Just be sure to do so before your weekly cut-off (5 days before your next scheduled delivery).

I can’t believe it. Free delivery, really?

Yes and yes for all subscribers!!! However, there’s a minimum order to qualify. As long as you order Healthy Start or Pick of the Farm Regular, you get free delivery according to our delivery route. Yeay!

I really don’t like/want/need microgreens or herbs. Howlah?

Microgreens are superfood. And BoomGrow microgreens are super amazing yummy and absolutely pesticide free. Just scatter on soup, salad, noodles and even rice. But if you still don’t want them, just let Customer Service know and we will arrange a bundle according to your needs. Do note at this stage , you will be hitting slightly below the minimum order quantity and will trigger the RM5 delivery.

Can I skip a week of delivery?

Absolutely. Just let us know 5 days in advance! 11:59 pm MYT, 5 days prior

Can I change my veggie selection?

The cut-off for any changes is 11:59 pm MYT, 30 days prior to your next scheduled delivery.

I like the idea of mixing up my bundle every month, but really don’t like to log in and do all that admin stuff to change it ?

Just call our Customer Service hotline at 60 11-3959 0359 and we will do arrange everything for you. You will then just need to sit back and wait for your delivery!

Do you deliver to my area?

Yes! We do door-to-door deliveries to customers throughout the Klang Valley. Specific details can be found on our Delivery  page.

Is your packaging recyclable?

We believe the right packaging allows us to reduce waste while protecting the integrity of our greens once they leave our farm. Packaging plays a critical role in preserving safety and quality of our produce. Our packaging is designed to minimise food waste in order to maintain shelf life. Learn more about our packaging philosophy via the FAQ page.